Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Michigan Time Capsule Book Cover Reveal

Michigan Time Capsule (2023) is a collection of sixty-two of my best posts written between 2012 and 2022 culled from over 520 hundred posts. These posts were chosen and revised for inclusion in this collection which is a sequel to my Detroit Time Capsule (2022).

This eclectic collection can be read from beginning to end, but each chapter is self-contained with no narrative thread binding one to the other. This volume is perfect for hit-and-run reading situations like waiting in the doctor's office or riding a bus.

Topics range from short biographies of automobile tycoons who helped create the automobile business, to tales of former Purple Gang members who could not give up the gang life. Other subjects include stories from Michigan's early pioneer history, and topics of broader interest which were too good to leave out of a "best of" collection.

Both Time Capsule books make good gifts for the Michigan history lovers in your life. Each chapter is an entertaining and informative snapshot of times past and/or people who left their mark or stain on history. This collection makes a great springboard for readers interested in learning more about Michigan's rich and sometimes violent past.

Copies are available for preorder on Amazon. As always, reader reviews are welcome.  

Michigan Time Capsule