Sunday, January 29, 2012

John Norman Collins - Astrological Birth Chart

While doing a Google search on John Norman Collins, the so-called Coed Killer, I stumbled across his astrological natal chart and was struck by the intricacies of this graphic representation based on his birth information - June 17th, 1947 at 12:38 PM. Some other people born on this date are Newt Gingrich, MC Escher, Igor Stravinski, Barry Manilow, Greg Kinnear, Joe Piscopo, and Martin Bormann.

The website is, and it touts itself as "A New Approach to Astrology." The printout is computer compiled and generated, and the site offers a crash course in some of the metaphysical arts - for instance, numerology and Chinese astrology. John's birth path is eight, and he was born under the Sign of the Pig.

After ten pages explaining the complexities of astrological interpretation, the final four pages do an analysis of Mr. Collins. The one ironic observation that struck me was, "You have so much charm and volubility that you easily manage to be what is known as a lady-killer." Really? The last page includes an interesting "Warning" disclaimer you may want to read first.

For my disclaimer, I would like to attach my voice to this quote from Nobel Laureate in Literature - Saul Bellow: "There is no limit to the amount of intelligence invested in ignorance - when the need for illusion runs deep."