Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New John Norman Collins Documentary on Investigative Discovery in December

The John Norman Collins movie begun in 1976, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, was never completed despite rumors to the contrary. As far as anybody knows, no film footage from the original shoot exists. Of course, we are still looking for whatever we can find.


Sometime this December, The Investigative Discovery channel will debut a true-crime show called "A Crime To Remember." The network will run an episode called "A New Kind of Monster" on John Norman Collins and the Washtenaw County murders that occurred in Michigan in the late 1960s.


In addition to interviews with people familiar with these cases, this episode will include re-enactments of these crimes interspersed throughout the narrative. This show is a fresh look at a case that largely fell through the cracks of time.

When I receive the details when it will air, I'll pass the information on. Until then, here are the names of the full cast and crew. 



Executive Producer - Christine Connor

Series Associate Producer - Rebecca Morton

Director - Jeremiah Crowell

Assistant Director (Second Unit) - Paul Jarrett

Writer - Bruce Bennett

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Nick Adamson - John Norman Collins

Ardis Barrow - Joan Schell

Patricia Bartlett - Joan Goshe

Dan Berkey - funeral director

Devin Doyle - Dale Schultz

Erica Hernandez - Mary Fleszar

Johnny Kinnaird - State Police Detective

John Larkin - Sheriff Douglas Harvey

Scott Lehman - Corporal David Leik

Thomas J. Lombardo - Officer Matthewson

Kerri Sohn - Karen Sue Beineman