Sunday, March 9, 2014

Claudia Teal Whitsitt Writes Michigan Mystery - The Wrong Guy

The Wrong Guy is Claudia Teal Whitsitt’s second novel. It is set against the tainted campus atmosphere of Eastern Michigan University just after the arrest of real life serial killer, John Norman Collins. In August of 1969, less than a month after Collins was charged with the murder of an EMU coed, Whitsitt’s heroine, Katie Hayes, must adjust to freshman life away from home and reconcile her Catholic upbringing with the temptations of university life.

Whitsitt accurately depicts campus culture as she takes her heroine through the ups and downs of dormitory living and adjusting to her new life of freedom and possibility, juxtaposed against her inhibitions and keen sense of guilt-driven family responsibility.

Six months into the school year as Katie navigates her way through her first serious romance, an emergency calls her home. The unexpected trip turns her life and the vision she has created for herself upside down.

Once back at school and wrestling with her own demons, the campus is again terrorized by the abduction of one coed and the murder of another. Katie is left to wonder: Did the police arrest the wrong guy for the Ypsilanti coed killings?

Claudia Whitsitt creates several levels of tension and layers the suspense in this fast-moving and compelling novel. The Wrong Guy will resonate with any woman who ever dreaded fallout from a difficult relationship.


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