Sunday, June 12, 2011

Held Up in Arizona

I never, ever like to use absolute statements, especially three times in the same sentence, but it seems like every time I drive through Arizona, I get a ticket. See my blog post dated May 13th, 2011.

This time, on my way to Tucson from San Diego, I was driving a 10’ Budget moving van. The wind was brisk, and I drove through a dust devil or two, making the truck a bit jumpy. Nothing too serious. My mindset was “Slow Traffic – Keep Right” and “Keep my eyes on the road.”

The Arizona Highway Patrol was out in force on Friday. I saw a forlorn vehicle, pulled over on the side of Interstate Eight, for speeding no doubt, and a patrol car with its warning lights blinking.

“Poor sucker,” I thought as I passed the two cars, confident in my ability not to get a speeding ticket because the truck strained to make it to the speed limit. Then, flash! In the side view mirror, I see the same squad car, lit up like a Christmas tree, in close pursuit.

To be continued....

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