Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goodread's Giveaways

Authors without a powerful publishing house behind them find getting publicity and exposure for their books a slow and expensive process. For the cost of as little as one book and postage, an author can run a giveaway on by agreeing to a few reasonable conditions.

I've found this promotion the best offer an independent author can find to bring readers to your author's site and book title. My giveaway promotion for Zug Island ran for two weeks and attracted 674 participants.

Sixty people have added my novel "to buy" and a like number have put it on their “to read” lists. That's a combined 18% potential sales conversion rate. I've read that 7% is a healthy number.

If you have a book coming out soon, or have a book that has been out six months or less, it's easy to run a giveaway. Register with goodreads, set up your profile, and run your contest. Goodreads chooses the winner(s), and you send your book to them. It's as easy as that. When all is said and done, you'll be the big winner.

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