Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Preparing for Natural Disasters - Red Cross Advisory

Everywhere on Earth, natural disasters occur. Of course, they are only disasters from the point-of-view of humans who often choose to live in disaster prone areas. Native Americans have a saying: Where nature has gone, nature will return. It is the cycle of life.

Some places are susceptible to a particular type of disaster. In the United States, the Midwest has tornado alley, the Southern and Eastern seaboards are at the mercy of hurricanes, the Mississippi Delta is prone to catastrophic flooding, and the West Coast has the triple threat: earthquakes, brush fires, and tsunamis. In every instance, the American Red Cross is there to help the stricken and needy.

The Red Cross link below offers specific advice for every type of natural disaster. Generally, families should store emergency supplies (especially water), have a household evacuation plan, and establish a meeting place for family members to gather after an emergency. Take a few minutes to view their safety and wellness tips.