Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schlock Golfer Wins on Nineteenth Hole

Golf is less of a sport to me than a casual hobby. Usually hitting a bucket of balls or playing putt-putt miniature golf is enough to amuse me, but occasionally I make it out to a golf course to play in educational fund raisers with my friend, Dr. Mary Lawlor. She and I were paired with a couple of ringers, Larry and Dave, and we shot four under par in the shotgun tournament - four strokes over the lead score.

Two years ago, I played at Salt Creek Links in Chula Vista, CA, in the Eastlake High School Football Booster Club Golf Tournament, and something incredible happened. I hit a hole in one, my first and probably my last, and won a trip for two to Cabo San Lucas. Talk about lucky!  My ball bounced and rolled up to the green, hit the flag, and fell into the hole. It was an embarrassing triumph, but everyone treated it like it was a great achievement.

Last Friday, I returned to the scene of the crime for another go round. Despite playing better golf this year, I didn't get another hole in one. Where I shined was at the raffle after the dinner. Each participant received twenty-five tickets, and I won two out of the first three draws.

My first prize was a set of rechargeable DeWalt 12 volt tools: a drill and an impact driver. When my second number came up, I won a huge shopping bag from Trader Joe's, stuffed full of gourmet snack items: salami, candy, nuts, BBQ sauce, granola, trail mix, and a coupon for a free hybrid golf club. When I walked out to my car afterwards, my feed bag was almost as heavy as my golf bag.

Maybe there is something to this game!