Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Motown Comes to Broadway - March 2013

I just returned from a trip to the Motor City where I visited Hitsville USA, the Motown Museum on West Grand Boulevard, also named Berry Gordy, Jr. Blvd.

Everyone knows the Motown music and the legendary performers, but the thing that fascinated me the most about the tour was Berry Gordy and his business model.

From an $800 family fund business loan and a modest two-story frame house, he built a music empire that shaped the history and direction of pop music and helped integrate American culture.

Musical magic was born in the converted garage called Studio A, while the Gordy family lived in the second floor flat. This blockbuster business was built literally from the ground up.

This March, Motown, the Musical will open on Broadway. I missed the Motown Revue shows at Detroit's Fox Theater in the early 1960s, so I can't wait to see this theatrical event.

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