Sunday, May 22, 2011

Barred from Zug Island

Early on in the writing of my novel, about six years ago, I tried to get on the industrial complex known as Zug Island, only to be confronted by two burly security guards.

I told them I had worked in the labor pool over thirty years ago, and I was there to get permission to take some photos for a novel I was writing.

They were less than impressed and wouldn’t even allow me to go to their Human Resources Department to ask.  They ushered me off the island and told me not to return. "Case closed!" In the age of 9/11, that is expected I suppose.

I will be in Detroit this July, and I still want to get on the island to take a few key photos for my book talks and my blog. My tactic has changed this time around though.

Yesterday, I sent a complimentary copy of my novel with a cover letter, a press release, and some bookmarks and postcards to their Human Resources department. It should arrive Tuesday. If nothing else, it will be a curiosity and an amusing break in their day.

Will it work? I’ll let you know.

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  1. Zug Island seems like one of those places where the people who work there or even know about it would be flattered to know that anyone else is aware of what they do. That makes an interesting balance to their awareness of the risk of industrial sabotage. I'm eager to know how it turns out- I hope I can see some pictures of your VIP tour!