Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in a Name? Part Two.

As I was saying, when my wife returned from a few days in Atlanta over the weekend, I proudly showed her my blog I had worked on over the weekend. Immediately, she was less than thrilled with the title. I was crushed. I built the site with a minimum of help, and I was pleased with its general appearance. I thought the white letters on the blue banner looked great, and the content would evolve over time, so I was pleased. Wives?

Surprisingly, I designed my blog with some enthusiasm for a project that I came to out of necessity. But after a couple of days, my site was ready and registered, the title was rated as "strong" by Google, and it was linked to my novel's website. Reluctantly, I was ready to become a blogger with for my first post.

Then, the Obama/Osama global news frenzy broke, and that was all everyone, including myself, was consumed with. I wrote my two cents worth in my first and second posts and published them. The next day, a friend of mine was surfing the net and emailed me saying there was a problem with my blog's title.

While he was searching for my new site with a faulty URL, he stumbled onto a site that defines fornography. You don't have to have much of an imagination to figure out what it might be. In addition, this site sells mugs, tee-shirts, etc. in support of its scatological message.

I thought my title was clever and original, but I guess my wife had nailed it, "It is suggestive and it sounds nasty." But, what do I do about it now? The only thing I can do, issue a disclaimer. My site, Fornography: The News and Views of Gregory A. Fournier, is in no way connected with this other site. My site will be about my words and my ideas on any subject I choose to comment upon. I'll leave the shock talk to others.

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  1. Definitely change the name now while it's not so difficult. I Googled it and the association is not worth it.