Friday, May 13, 2011

Late, Late, for a Very Important Date!

I spent Easter Sunday in Tucson, Arizona, at a family gathering, but I was late getting there from San Diego. When I turned off on River Rd., it was virtually empty at 9:20 AM, so I checked left and right for any stray Easter egg hunters or Easter bunnies, then I leaned on the gas pedal and soared to a blazing 51 mph in a 40 mph speed zone.

The Pima County Sheriff pulled a rabbit out of a hat with a photo-enforced, speed camera and earned itself $228.50 from me for 11 miles over. Not a bad payday from an out-of-state visitor. The camera took an excellent picture of me, driving my beloved Altima, and the ticket reminded me to slow down when I get off the freeway.

Every time I drive through Arizona, I get a speeding ticket either coming or going, so my record is intact. I guess my urban driving habits don't translate well in the high desert.

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