Monday, May 16, 2011

Novel Coincidence, Part Two

Late afternoon on Friday, I get a call from my barber, Janine.

"Greg, one of my clients saw the front cover of your novel on my bulletin board in the shop. He knows about Zug Island and witnessed the mayhem while driving home from a baseball game that afternoon."

"No kidding. How coincidental is that?"

"I know! He gave me his cell phone number and asked that you call him if you're interested in talking with him. He wants to buy your novel."

"Great! Give me his number."

So I start writing down the information: "Dr. Nathaniel Whitfield." Then, with a smile, I wrote his phone number.

"Janine," I said. "Dr. Whitfield is my ex-wife's OB/Gyn. "He delivered both of my children some thirty years ago."

Small world.