Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama Got It Right!

When President Obama made the historic decision to eliminate Osama bin Laden, he did what all great leaders must do - make the tough decisions. Authorizing the taking of another's life is not an easy moral or spiritual decision to make. By doing his duty as commander-in-chief, he placed himself and his family at a greater personal risk. He displayed an inner courage that should be admired.

Despite enormous pressure against doing so, his decision to take the high ground and not release the death photos of the vanquished terrorist leader is all the more commendable. We Americans do not parade our "trophies" in a ghoulish display of mob frenzy like some other cultures do. America should be proud of our president for his good judgement. The rehabilitation of our nation's tarnished international image has begun, and it is long overdue.

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